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>> Appearance: At 24 years of age, Shinichi is still recognizable to anyone who knew him in his teen years. He's a little taller, a little more sure in his movements, and a little more likely to dress in suits, but his features haven't changed much. He has a plain gold wedding band that he wears on his left ring finger, and usually carries a variety of detective-y detritus such as clean gloves, a notebook and pen, small flashlight, evidence bags, etc. (and more mundane items such as keys and a wallet). The inside of the wedding band is engraved with cursive script reading 06/20/2015 - 唯一の愛。

When undressed, Shinichi has a visible scar from a bullet wound in his lower left abdomen, another in the outer side of his left thigh, and a deep grazing scar high on his right shoulder. He also has some faint scars from glass cuts to his left temple, but they're mostly hidden by his hair and need to be looked for up close.

>> Mannerisms: After a few years of experience, professionalism, and dealing with a seriously deadly case while stuck as a seven year old, Shinichi's cultivated a bit more emotional maturity and social sensitivity. Not a whole lot — he still tends to cross-examine grieving witnesses and get involved in cases (that aren't his) at the drop of a hat — but he's getting there. He's been working as a professional freelance private investigator for the last couple of years and it shows in his investigative technique, which has been finely honed on his already considerable skills. He also has a better understanding of legal procedure.

>> Situation:


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Shinichi Kudo

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